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Blind, not dumb.

A Bull in the China Shop of Life
19 September 1968
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I can't really do a description like this justice, sitting here at the keyboard staring blankly at the screen trying to sum myself up in a paragraph.

I'm partially blind and have diabetes insipidus. I don't like to think that these things define my life, but I suppose the reality is that they help define it in any case, and certainly a great deal of my experiences and peculiarities either spring from or tie into those things in one way or another. In any case there it is - right up front where nobody can say they missed it :)

I work in high technology, and unfortunately spent large parts of my youth nose firmly pressed against the grindstone. I thought if I could make my career work all else would spring from that like some kind of panacea. Boy was I wrong :)

Now I'm in my 30's. My career still sucks up a huge chunk of my time and more of my soul than I care to admit. However I've found a new desire for balance - I want to have my cake and eat it too :)

So anyway off we go. This ragtag assemblage of verbage will have to do for now until I can sit down and craft a real description.